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May 19 , 2013

Washington in the Lap of Rome

Book $19.95





























































































































Noise of Thunder Radio -The Doctrines of the Christian Faith

For the past few shows, Chris has been answering questions from listeners about understanding our Christian faith, according to the Scriptures.  Previous shows have focused on defining the GOSPEL – exactly what are the key components to understanding the message of salvation?  Then followed our show on the doctrine of REPENTANCE – is repentance necessary to be saved?  Or can a person simply believe without repenting?  In our latest show, Chris discusses the doctrine of the GRACE of God.  The Reformers taught both “grace alone” and “faith alone” for salvation.  Some have thought this to be a contradiction, but the Scriptures clearly reveal how both work together for the saving of our souls.  But when does a believer receive the grace of God?  Is it when they believe?  Or even before?

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Noise of Thunder TV – Interview with Brannon Howse

In our latest NOTR TV episode, Chris interviews the founder and president of World View Weekend, Brannon Howse.  They discuss Brannon’s ministry in working to edify the body of Christ through his radio show and conferences held across the country.   Also discussed is the state of our nation, and the decline of Christianity in America. 

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Lincoln TWO-PACK -- $39.95
Includes: book “Who Killed Abraham Lincoln” and DVD “Lamp in the Dark

Get signed copy Paul Serup’s powerful book, based on 23 years of research into the testimony of Charles Chiniquy, who argued that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the Roman Catholic Church.  Serup’s book has been approved by the Ford Theater, the historic site where Lincoln was killed.  The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM featuring historic documents pertaining to the Lincoln controversy.  Now, you can own a copy of this book, signed by the author himself – along with a DVD of “A Lamp in the Dark” to learn about the history of the Counter Reformation, and the historic context of Rome’s involvement in the American Civil War.  This will help viewers understand why the Vatican desired the death of Lincoln, and awaken them to events happening in the world today. 

Lincoln Lamp






Lincoln Two Pack - Book and DVD - $39.95


Dave Hunt THREE-PACK $34.95

Includes: Megiddo I: The March to Armageddon, Megiddo II: the New Age, A Woman Rides the Beast

Get three documentaries featuring beloved author and teacher, Dave Hunt.  In Megiddo: the March to Armageddon, Dave unfolds his views on Bible prophecy and the one world government; while in Megiddo II: the New Age, he confronts the doctrines of devils that are seducing the souls of men; then in A Woman Rides the Beast, he discusses Revelation chapter 17 and how it defines the Church of Rome as Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.  This collection contains more than six hours of material, featuring one of the greatest Christian teachers of our time. 

Megiddo 1Megiddo 2Woman Rides Beast





Dave Hunt Three Pack - $34.95


Kinsey TWO-PACK $29.95
Includes: The Kinsey Syndrome (DVD), and Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences (book)


KinseyKinsey: Crimes & Consequences” (hard-bound book) by Dr. Judith Reisman

In 1948, the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University was led by eugenicist Alfred C. Kinsey, whose sex research shook America’s moral foundations and launched the 1960’s Sexual Revolution.  Fifty years later new revelations confirm Dr. Judith Reisman’s 1981 expose of scientific fraud and criminally derived data contained in the publicly funded Kinsey Reports.  Dr. Reisman discloses for the first time the ongoing consequences to the American people and the world based on Kinsey’s deliberately skewed research.

Offered along with her powerful book, is the DVD “The Kinsey Syndrome”

which features extensive interviews with Dr. Judith Reisman, who is a former researcher with the Department of Justice, and currently on staff at Liberty University.  Dr. Reisman is considered the leading expert on the damaging influence of Alfred Kinsey in the U.S. and countries around the world.  “The Kinsey Syndrome” has been called “… one of the most important productions of the 21st century” by Dr. Ted Baehr of MOVIEGUIDE, and has become required viewing for law students at the Liberty University School of Law, whose Associate Dean (Matt Barber) has said the film is “must-viewing for anyone who cares about our rapidly declining culture.”

Kinsey Two Pack - Book and DVD - $29.95



BIBLE HISTORY Ten Pack 5 LAMP and 5 TARES DVDs -- $90.00

This special offer is designed for those who desire to use these films as witnessing tools to reach out to others.  Not intended for resale.









10 DVDs - 5 Lamp in the Dark & 5 Tares Among the Wheat

This special offer is intended for those who desire to share these documentaries as witnessing tools with friends, family and fellow church members.  



Reformation Five Pack – $79.95

Learn the forgotten history of the Bible, the Church, and the Protestant Reformation.  It is our belief that a modern Christian cannot understand our faith today without knowledge of what the saints have endured in centuries past, and how the enemy of our souls has worked to destroy the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This history of saints, martyrs, popes and prelates is given in great detail through this variety of resources that includes more than 8 hours of audio and visual media, along with the written word in two important books.  This collection includes:

1) A Lamp in the Dark (documentary)
2) Tares Among the Wheat (documentary)
3) The Jesuits & the Counter Reformation (2 disc audio CD)
4) Washington in the Lap of Rome (book)
5) Geese in their Hoods (book)

Lamp Tares Jesuit
washington Geese

Reformation 5 Pack - $79.95




Lamp & Tares COMBO -- $39.95

Get our most popular documentary, “A Lamp in the Dark” and its sequel “Tares Among the Wheat” which together provide a total of six hours of documentation on the history of the Bible, the struggle of the saints, and the schemes of those who have endeavored to undermine the Word of God. 

Lamp Tares
Special Bundle:
A Lamp in the Dark
Tares Among the Wheat

2 DVDs - $39.95



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