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Answering Dr. Daniel Wallace

“The history of this manuscript is wrought with mystery, politics, and perhaps even some deception …” 

Source: The Friends of CSNTM (Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts) website, featuring Dr. Daniel Wallace 

This is our second and more detailed response to a video that was posted concerning our film, Tares Among the Wheat.  The video in question features a presentation given by Dr. Daniel Wallace, who is a professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, speaking on the subject of Constantine Simonides and his claim to have authored the Codex Sinaiticus in 1840 (a manuscript ordinarily dated to the fourth century).  Our film presents evidence from the 19th century that strongly suggests Simonides may very well have been the true author of the codex, and indeed, he went to his grave defending this claim.  However, Dr. Wallace supports the predominantly held view that his story was false, and presents a number of reasons for this belief. Read More

Waldenses and Albigenses - Defending the Pilgrim Church
Since the release of our film, “A Lamp in the Dark,” we have had many comments on the information concerning those who are called “The Pilgrim Church.” Read More


Upon This Rock, I Will Build My Church
Since God delivered man from the Dark Ages, a debate has raged among Catholics and Protestants concerning the one true church, and the foundation upon which it is built...
Read More

Did Jesus Really Claim to be the Christ?
This is an important question.  Before I became a Christian, I remember hearing from repeated sources that Jesus Himself never actually claimed to be “the Christ.”  It is often said that Jesus told His followers not to call Him the Christ...Read More

Should Christians Pay Attention to Conspiracy Theories?
For some time now, books, videos, newsletters and the Internet have been swarmed with countless material that is often corralled into the category of “conspiracy theories."...Read More

Can the Bible be trusted?
It is often said that the Bible has been re-written so many times that no one can really trust it.  How can we be sure that the Bible is God’s Word unless it’s supported by the witness of history?... Read More

Looking for Jesus? Try Talking to His Mom
As incredible as it may sound, the above phrase was seen on a bumper sticker several years ago.  It represents a popular Catholic belief, centuries old, one that is ever growing throughout the world: that to get to Jesus, you must go through Mary... Read More

Darwin Debunked 
It would seem the Evolution debate has never been stronger.  Learn more about some of the leading evidence that proves
Darwin’s theory is both un-scientific and mathematically impossible... Read More

Israel & Armageddon
Because of its use in pop culture today, the word “Armageddon” has taken on a very different meaning in our society.  But according to the Bible, Armageddon is what happens when all the nations of the earth are gathered together against the city of Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2).  As such, events happening in the Middle East take on a very different meaning...
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