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Washington in the Lap of Rome
Book - $19.95
By Justin D. Fulton
Forward by Christian J. Pinto





“Romanism is the dominant power

in the Capitol of the United States.”

- Justin D. Fulton, 1888

Book $19.95







In 1888, a man named Justin D. Fulton gave a warning to the people of America through his book, Washington in the Lap of Rome.  In it, he details how the Roman Catholic Church flooded the new capital city just after the American Revolution, with the intention of seizing control of the United States by covert means.  By 1888, the situation was such that Fulton wrote: “Romanism is the dominant power in the Capitol of the United States.” In the 19th century, the author was convinced that if Americans did not awaken to the problem, it would be a matter of time before Jesuit priests would rule our country, and the Inquisition would come to American soil.

This 2012 edition of Fulton’s book also presents a seventy page forward by documentary filmmaker, Christian J. Pinto that attempts to answer whether or not there was any truth to Fulton’s warning.  Pinto reveals the influence of Rome from 1888 to the present time, documenting the role of the Vatican during World War II, with the development of the CIA, the Vietnam era, the Jesuit origins of Communism, McCarthyism, the Mexican border issue, the rewriting of American history, the Catholic-dominated Supreme Court, the manipulation of the White House, and even the modern presidency of Barack Obama.

Was Fulton's statement a mere anti-Catholic conspiracy theory?  Or was it a legitimate warning?  If his words were true, is there evidence to support it? Prior to the American Revolution, Catholics in the thirteen colonies were forbidden to vote or to hold a political office, because of the centuries-old conflict between Rome and Protestant England.  But once the Revolution was over, and universal toleration was declared, the agents of Romanism immediately went to work to claim this country on behalf of the Pope.  Fulton argued that the ancient conflict that had been responsible for the bloody horrors of the Dark Age had indeed come to the shores of the New World.  Incredibly, Fulton actually believed that Rome might be able to resurrect the Inquisition on American soil if the people were not awakened to the eminent danger.  Was there any truth to his warning?

This exclusive new addition documents the following:

1) Martyrs Blood on American Soil.

2) The Puritan’s view of Rome as “the Kingdom of Antichrist.”

3) Samuel Adams on limiting the power of Papists in the colonies.

4) World War II & the Vatican Ratlines

5) The Vietnam War & the McCarthy Era.

6) Symbols of Popery in the U.S. Capitol building

7) The Jesuit origins of Marxism & Communism

8) Rome and the Obama Administration

Editor’s note:

This edition of the book has been re-formatted with updated large-print lettering that makes for a more pleasant reading experience.  Other classic reprints usually just scan the pages from the original, which often produces light and dark print that can be difficult (if not impossible) to read.  The publishers of this exclusive edition have taken the modern reader into consideration, providing an easy-to-read version that still preserves Fulton’s original words, along with the original illustrations he included in the first release of this book. 


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