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October 14, 2013

A special edition of Noise of Thunder Radio

columbusChris discusses the origins of Columbus Day, perhaps the most debated and controversial of our federal holidays.  Charges of cruelty against the native Indians have haunted the memory of the Italian explorer for hundreds of years, and have gained momentum in modern times, as progressive groups argue that his discovery of the new world has disenfranchised the indigenous peoples of both North and South America.  Now that the holiday named for him has been challenged, some conservatives have objected.  But is Columbus Day a long standing tradition in America?  Why was it only after the American Revolution that some began to exalt Columbus? Perhaps most ironic is that Christopher Columbus never actually set foot on what is today United States soil.  To listen to the show, click here.





True Christian History

The work on our next documentary moves forward as we have been preparing our outdoor location for an upcoming film shoot on October 26th.  The location is in Flat Creek, Tennessee which is just outside of Shelbyville, and about an hour and twenty minutes South of Nashville.  We will be filming some dramatizations involving William Bradford and the early Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth in 1620. 

Please pray for this project, that the filming will go well and that we will be able to accomplish a powerful work to edify our fellow believers and encourage the faith of others.  The purpose of “Christian History” is to round out our “Secret Mysteries” series.  We have already shown those parts of American history where secret groups have been at work to undermine the Gospel, but we have been asked repeatedly, “Is there a Christian history to America?  If so, what is it?”  This film will be our response to those questions, and we hope will be a great source of inspiration.








Professor Kurt Aland, editor of the famed Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament,
meeting with Pope John Paul II

Source: Foto Felici Roma


We are also working on the sequel to “Lamp in the Dark” and “Tares Among the Wheat,” which will be part three in our series on the untold history of the Bible.   This next part in the series will follow the history of the Bible into modern times, showing how the role of Rome has changed through the 20th century.  Since 1967, the Vatican has been involved in an official relationship with the United Bible Societies, developing “interconfessional” Bibles for the purpose of promoting ecumenical union between the various professing Christian denominations – the Protestant, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches, in all their forms.  Of this, Cardinal Levada has stated that: “Union with the Catholic Church is the goal of ecumenism.”

Yet now, there are some who claim that the compromise extends into the pagan world, as Wycliffe Bible Translators (which is part of the United Bible Societies) have been developing their “Muslim-friendly” Bible, in which the Person of Jesus as “the Son of God” is diminished so as not to offend the Islamic population.  Is this the direction the Bible Societies are headed?  “Bridge to Babylon” will explore this and other questions that we believe are critical to the defense of the Gospel. 




Some time ago, a video was posted in which Dr. Daniel Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary presented his arguments concerning the controversy over Codex Sinaiticus and the 19th century Greek paleographer, Constantine Simonides who claimed he was the true author of the codex.  In response, Chris published an article addressing his points one at a time, and then followed up with a one hour radio show on the subject.  To read the article, click here.  To listen to the radio show, click here




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Finally, we would ask that you keep us in prayer this November, since we will be traveling to Boston again to pursue additional filming for the new “Christian History” documentary.  Please pray for our safe journey, and that we will be discerning in how best to present this challenging information in the film. 

God bless,

Adullam Films
A Christian Film Ministry


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