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Jesuits and The Counter Reformation
- 2 Set Audio CD
by Chris Pinto
Running Time: 142 minutes

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Audio CD $19.95






"The Society of Jesus is the enemy of man.  The whole human race should unite for its overthrow.”
– Robert J. Breckinridge, Presbyterian minister

In 1540, the Pope commissioned a company of priests to act as a military order within the Catholic Church.  Their purpose was to oppose the impact of the Protestant Reformation and discover ways to destroy its influence.  The priests were named the Society of Jesus – a.k.a. the Jesuits.  Throughout their history, they have been known as the most nefarious and diabolical order ever assembled.  Yet few Christians in modern times are aware of their activities and how they affect the Church today.

In this digital audio CD presentation, documentary filmmaker Christian J. Pinto unfolds his research into the history of the Jesuits and their Counter Reformation for the past 400 years.  This presentation is not taken from the Noise of Thunder Radio program and has never been released to the public.  It is an original studio recording, intended to educate Christians about the ancient enemy of the Gospel, and what may be the greatest threat to their faith and freedom. 

NOTE: These CDs will play on any CD player, in your car, etc.  Also, this presentation is exclusive and cannot be found in the Noise of Thunder Radio archives.

2 Audio CDs, Running Time: 142 minutes
Noise of Thunder Audio, presented by Christian J. Pinto
Produced by Adullam Films, Copyright 2012, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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