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Donations for Adullam Films
If you are so inspired, you may support our ministry with your prayers and financial support.

Single Amount Donation
To make a donation, fill in the box below with a whole-dollar amount (no cents). Do not include a dollar sign or other non-numeric characters. For example, if you would like to donate $10, please type 10 in the space below.

When prompted for a Shipping selection by the shopping cart, please select Free Shipping.


Monthly Donation
If you would like to support our ministry on a monthly basis, please enter the amount below. Please call our ministry toll free at 888-780-5049 to provide permission for us to store your credit card information securely and to charge your credit card on a monthly basis for the amount you are led to donate. You can always call or email our ministry to stop or change your monthly donation.

When prompted for a Shipping selection by the shopping cart, please select Free Shipping.


Phone or Mail Donations: You can also donate by calling our ministry toll free at 888-780-5049 or writing to
Adullam Films, PO Box 1147, Mount Juliet, TN 37121.

NOTE: Adullam Films is not a 501c3 organization, but operates as an LLC.  As such, donations to our ministry are not tax deductible.  Please know that we are thankful to God for any support, and pray the Lord will bless you for it.

We are thankful to God for your desire to support the work of the Lord through Adullam Films. Above all else, we sincerely covet your prayers for our ministry, and that our labor will be fruitful in the Lord Jesus.

Our works are dedicated to teaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the use of prophecy, since "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Rev. 19:10) and is the means by which the promises of God are revealed.

Our small ministry has been blessed to produce works that are used by pastors, teachers and believers of every kind. Our films are watched on Sky Angel television (especially now that they have a free On Demad feature with a potential audience of 10 million + viewers), GOD TV (which airs all over the globe), local access television stations, the Internet, and in study groups that we cannot number. After releasing Megiddo: The March to Armageddon, we had one pastor tell us that he had shown his single copy nearly 100 times in his Bible study classes. Most who view our films pay nothing to see them, and we hinder no one from making their own copies, provided they don't resell them.

Please know that by supporting our ministry, you will be supporting Christian documentaries that declare the Word of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to countless people around the world.

Our endeavor, from the beginning, has been to do the VERY BEST work we can for God, creating dramatizations with actors, sets, props, costumes, 3-D animations, and our on-location footage that takes the audience to where things happen. We also interview some of the leading authors, teachers and experts in the world on varied topics pertaining to Bible prophecy and end time events.

Needless to say, our filmmaking requires considerable time and expense. Without supporters it would be difficult, if not impossible to accomplish.

We make it a point NOT to send out letters and emails asking people for financial support, and trust in the Lord Jesus to provide for the work which He has given us. With this in mind, we also know that God works through His people, and if you are led to be a help in our efforts, we give thanks to God for you, and pray the Lord will bless you for it, and make His face to shine upon you.

Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

Adullam Films


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