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April 14 , 2013

Washington in the Lap of Rome

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Remembering Dave Hunt

Author and teacher, Dave Hunt went home to be with the Lord on April 5th of this year.  In honor of his memory, Chris discusses his interview with Dave from 13 years ago at the headquarters of The Berean Call ministry.  Featured are a series of never-before-seen video clips of Dave speaking on Armageddon, the Millennial Kingdom, the Jesus Seminar, the Seventieth Week of Daniel, the Antichrist and Beast kingdom of Revelation, and evidence that the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is near. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is an original show, and the clips of Dave’s interview are different from what we played on the earlier radio show.  We have so much footage in our archive, it is difficult to include it all, but we believe these moments will be a blessing to those who view them.

Click on the Noise of Thunder TV icon below to watch the Full 40 minutes of this special TV episode.




BIBLE HISTORY Ten Pack 5 LAMP and 5 TARES DVDs -- $90.00

This special offer is designed for those who desire to use these films as witnessing tools to reach out to others.  Not intended for resale.








10 DVDs - 5 Lamp in the Dark & 5 Tares Among the Wheat

This special offer is intended for those who desire to share these documentaries as witnessing tools with friends, family and fellow church members.  



Reformation Five Pack – $79.95

Learn the forgotten history of the Bible, the Church, and the Protestant Reformation.  It is our belief that a modern Christian cannot understand our faith today without knowledge of what the saints have endured in centuries past, and how the enemy of our souls has worked to destroy the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This history of saints, martyrs, popes and prelates is given in great detail through this variety of resources that includes more than 8 hours of audio and visual media, along with the written word in two important books.  This collection includes:

1) A Lamp in the Dark (documentary)
2) Tares Among the Wheat (documentary)
3) The Jesuits & the Counter Reformation (2 disc audio CD)
4) Washington in the Lap of Rome (book)
5) Geese in their Hoods (book)

Lamp Tares Jesuit
washington Geese

Reformation 5 Pack - $79.95




Lamp & Tares COMBO -- $39.95

Get our most popular documentary, “A Lamp in the Dark” and its sequel “Tares Among the Wheat” which together provide a total of six hours of documentation on the history of the Bible, the struggle of the saints, and the schemes of those who have endeavored to undermine the Word of God. 

Lamp Tares
Special Bundle:
A Lamp in the Dark
Tares Among the Wheat

2 DVDs - $39.95



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