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November 19 , 2009





















































































OFFICIAL RELEASE: "A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible"

lampWe are pleased to announce that our new documentary, “A Lamp in the Dark” is officially released.  The first copies have arrived from our duplicator, and we have mailed out all of our pre-orders. The DVD is in stock and we are now beginning the work of marketing and promotion to make this project known in the Christian community. Please pray for us and this work, as we truly believe its message is important to the Church today.

We have been blessed with an early review from Dr. J. Michael Bennett, the host of the increasingly popular “FUTURE QUAKE” radio show.  Dr. Bennett (a.k.a. “Dr. Future”) has been skyrocketing in his success on the airwaves, with some incredibly prominent guests, such as Alex Jones, Chuck Missler, Joseph Farah, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Jerome Corsi, Tennessee State Representative, Susan Lynn and a host of authors, pastors, teachers and experts who help to shape the world we live in today.  We HIGHLY recommend his radio program which can be found online by clicking here.

The following review for our new documentary was recently sent to us by our friend and brother in Christ, Mike Bennett.




Once again, trail-blazing filmmaker and de facto “laureate” of Christian documentary cinema, Christian Pinto has weaved yet another shocking and important expose of the forgotten events, battles, struggles and heroes that led to the preservation of the contents of the Bible we still have today, in his newly released epic on DVD, “A Lamp In The Dark”. 

Though the years, Pinto has distinguished himself as a unique cinematic auteur within the Christian-influenced artistic community, having also garnered numerous secular industry awards, such as the “Best Historical Documentary” Award from the L.A. Film Festival, “Best Documentary” from the New York Film Festival, and as recipient of a “Telly” Award.  This widespread general industry recognition of his work is a surprising achievement for a Christian content-based cinematic group, with the Christian documentary community having heretofore been perceived as a group of contributors with noble efforts and goals, but comparatively primitive artistic and journalistic content.  For those already familiar with Pinto's and Adullam's captivating work (such as their seminal series of the little-known mysterious origins of America, with titles such as “A New Atlantis”, “Riddles in Stone” and “Eye of the Phoenix”), he shows here a further evolution in his growth as a journalist and artist, as his “Pinto-esque” style of screen composition, editing, direction and story telling continues to solidify and establish its own distinctive and recognizable presence. As is typical with a Pinto production, here he dares to go where no similar Christian documentarian has gone before, by bravely opening locked doors of information, around the globe (and often through those hostile to his assertions), and thereby uniquely “connects the dots”, both in his research and his manner of making his case.  His consistent record of shocking his otherwise informed viewers with earth-shaking revelations from the historical records (including many of those buried away (intentionally or otherwise) in dusty book and film clip vaults) and extracting incriminating personal testimonies from key figures has made him a recognized pioneer in this form of “high impact” journalism.

Regarding the content of this magnificent production, Pinto begins his story in a steady and chronological fashion, first by exploring the critical turning point early in the history of the Church, when Constantine the Great “legalized” Christianity, and crowned himself both head of the Church and the State, as “Pontifex Maximus”.  This merging of an emerging centralized ecclesiastical structure with the coercive power of the State, is shown to form the foundation of the accelerating Church corruption over time via centralized power and authority, and the danger to those in the minority whose faith, and most importantly their desire to derive their faith from their own knowledge of the Bible record, put them at odds with “approved” dogma.  He then weaves his way through the little-known historical record of dissident communities (with respect to “official” Roman Catholic teaching) throughout the majority of the Church Age, and debunks many myths about their religious orthodoxy, while emphasizing the evidence of God's preservation of a people who lived by and studied the Word, as well as His preservation of the Biblical records themselves. 

Eventually, the “powers that be” could not withstand such intellectual and spiritual freedom outside their control, and Pinto provides his trademark dramatic reenactment vignettes of some of these clashes, which bring the reality of the bloodshed and terror experienced by our Christian forefathers “home” to the viewer, in a moving fashion.  He advances the narrative, and the issues raised during these times, through the days of the Reformers, the rise of the Counter-Reformation and the Jesuits, up to recent era efforts to translate the ancient Biblical records into modern languages and vernacular, and the motives of those placed today to accomplish these tasks. 

Along the journey, he also addresses some perplexing issues and aspects of this struggle over access to God's written revelation over the ages, such as (a) the true historical legacy and lifestyle of early believers who retained a personal relationship to God's Word, (b) the centrality of the doctrine of trans-substantiation to the theological battles, (c) the unforeseen benefits of the fall of Constantinople to western Christianity, (d) the “true” hidden lifestyle of Sir Thomas Moore, (e) the end-times views of the Reformers, (f) the role of the Jesuits in the battle over Biblical texts, and many other provocative topics. 

In summary, in “A Lamp in the Dark” Pinto provides his classic and consistent combination of impeccable research and shocking revelations, journeys to mysterious and long-forgotten sites in the search for truth, testimonies from interesting experts, an intellectual narrative structure to assemble these seeming disparate elements of data into an overarching synthesis of meaning, and his fascinating dramatic re-creations and artistic style, thereby creating a experiential “cocktail” for an evening's worth of fascinating entertainment and education.  Existing or new fans of Pinto's work will be left anxiously awaiting his next foray into suppressed or untold knowledge, and compelling subject matter.    


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