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November 15, 2010

A Lamp in the Dark

A Lamp in the Dark

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We continue to get phone calls from supportive brethren who are eager for the release of our upcoming film, “Tares Among the Wheat,” which will be the second part in our untold history of the Bible series.  As to when the work will be complete, the Lord Himself only knows; but for our part, we continue one step at a time until the work is finished.  We are determined to continue with the series, especially because of the wonderful impact that “A Lamp in the Dark” seems to have had on the body of Christ. We are thankful for all the supportive comments, and that the Lord has allowed this work to be a blessing for others. 

Les GarrettAlso, we wanted to share a few screen shots from the newest filming that’s been done.  First we have an image of Les Garrett (left) our brother in Tasmania who has been teaching on the Bible controversies for several decades around the world.  Les has some of the most powerful information we have ever encountered concerning the Critical Text, and how it has been manipulated by Rome for the purpose of establishing a one world religion.   When our audience sees the documented evidence of this, we really believe it will shock and amaze. 


Below are images of some of the Jesuit dramatizations we have been working on.

Dramatization 1
Actor Tony DeLaRosa as one of our Jesuit priests with flintlock pistol.
Dramatization 2
Actor Tom McCulloch as the Jesuit superior, researching ancient manuscripts.
Dramatization 3
Actor Tony DeLaRosa with cloak and dagger as a Jesuit assassin.



To encourage others to get copies of this new title and share it with others, we are offering “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers” at a sale price of $19.95.  By all means, you are invited and encouraged to make your own copies of this film (not for resale) to share with others.  With what’s happening in our country right now, and how the Founders are being used to seduce Christians into an Ecumenical Army, we truly believe this is an important message.

Below are some of the comments we’ve received about the film:

“This documentary strengthens my faith, and gives a more complete understanding of the times in which we live.”    -- Gary Stearman, Prophecy in the News

“To me, this video was the missing piece that needed to be filled in, to round out your other videos on the subject of the "manifest occult destiny" of the nation. The subject matter is absolutely chilling when you realize how they held very similar views with regard to the false god 'reason' and often pretended to be Christians on some level.  So many of these guys were rabid enemies of the faith and I think that was made clear as day throughout the video.  I could not think of a better time for this documentary, as Glenn Beck (the Mormon who has become the de-facto leader of the "Christian" right) and others are selling the nation on the lie that the founding fathers were all God fearing men and doing the work of God.  Thanks bro, for your hard work; it is a tremendous blessing bearing fruit and will continue to do so to our Father's eternal glory (Eph. 5:11).” – Pastor Joe Schimmel, Producer, They Sold Their Souls for Rock & Roll

“This was powerful!  One of the best documentaries you have ever produced.”  -- Tom Horn, author, Apollyon Rising 2012

"Once again, Chris Pinto has produced another DVD that is sure to become a genuine, Christian classic.” – Doc Marquis

“You have completed another masterpiece!  Thank you very much for your work and I look forward to more films from you …. There is no question about the founding fathers’ belief in Christianity; they did not … it is interesting so that we know when we are being lied to, misled, and where they are leading humanity.  The most important thing is our faith in Jesus Christ.  Thank you again and God bless you!”  -- Brian

“I just finished watching ‘Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers.’  Wow!  Great work!  Your presentation is awesome in the amount of research gathered to counter the sanitized version of history ... As for Mr. Barton, I find it hard to swallow that he could be so naive about our the faith of our founders after all the research he has done.  If he is trying to lead a great cause, one cannot base a successful movement built on a lie.  May God protect you and continue to bless your work.” – C. Riley 

“A powerful and disturbing documentary … Christian Pinto makes a good distinction between the Christian Pilgrims and Puritans and the so called "founding fathers" who came over a century later.  I recommend every Christian to see ‘The Hidden Faith of our Founding Fathers.’ It will cause you to lean upon and seek after the One true God, Jesus Christ and not to rely upon mere men ... ” – Leanne Key

 “Just watched ‘The Hidden Faith.’  Excellent!” – S. Nelson

“… you did a wonderful job with the David Barton segment in the film.  What Barton is doing is wrong and needed to be exposed.  The comparison of what Obama and Pelosi have said concerning Christianity and what the founders said was very insightful.” – S. Stavro

“Just watched The Hidden Faith of our Founding Fathers, and I can only say WOW! I've been studying Freemasonry for around 10 years now, and as I watch the rise of the "Christian" America cult, I see a big part of my calling in these areas, and the film gave me greater insight as to how I should wage this battle, thanks so much.” -- G. Baker

“I am completely blown away by your presentation.  The facts you presented on this film confirm everything that I have personally researched … about Rome and the Washington D.C. connection … you put it all together.  My prayer for you and your ministry is that you continue to boldly preach this truth without compromise.  My wife and I are former Roman Catholics and are very grateful for your ministry.” -- Jose

“Your newest video, ‘The Hidden Faith’ just arrived today … and I just finished watching it.  It is your best ever!  Thank you for your faithful pursuit of the truth and contending vigorously for the faith.  May the Lord bless you and all those who contribute to make these videos possible.” – R. Grace



a Commentary by Christian J. Pinto

Since the release of this new film (not to mention our last newsletter), I have been called an extremist, a “whacko” and have been accused of wearing a tin foil hat, for saying that the founding fathers were “antichrists.”  Some of these rebuffs have come from professing Christians.  Yet this is how the Bible defines what certain founders believed, in that they rejected Jesus as the Son of God.  (1 John 2:22)

The website Right Wing Watch has taken a repeated interest in the film, which they use to refute the claims of David Barton.  We reported their article (“Bad News for Beck and Barton: The Founding Fathers were Antichrists”) in our last newsletter; but now they have posted another article on the film, titled, “Filmmaker Accuses Barton of Ignoring Founding Fathers’ Demon Worship”) which you can read about here.

The article refers to a segment of “Hidden Faith” where we confront the idols found in Washington D.C., of all the gods and goddess that are called demons or “devils” in the Bible (1 Corinthians 10:20). 

While we in no way support the ideas of Right Wing Watch (in terms of its opposition to Christianity), we are thankful that “Hidden Faith” has gained the attention of unbelievers, who will hopefully hear the Word of God if they watch this new film.


Is it credible to believe that Christians founded the United States, and then to show their appreciation to the Lord Jesus Christ, erected the monuments of devils in their capital city?  Again, “devils” is the word for how the Bible defines ancient gods such as Neptune, Hermes, Apollo, Athena, Europa and others, which are found abundantly carved into the stones and painted on the walls and ceilings of the various government buildings in Washington D.C.  As we show in “Hidden Faith” and also in “Riddles in Stone,” this was not done by Christians.  It was the ancient practice of pagan societies to erect monuments to their gods whenever they claimed victory over an enemy.  This was done famously after the Battle of Marathon, when the Greeks built the Temple of Athena in celebration.  Also, the Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III won a great battle in the valley of Megiddo, and erected a series of obelisks to give thanks to his gods.  Three of these obelisks remain today.  They are each called “Cleopatra’s Needle” and can be found on the Thames River in London, in St. Peter’s Square in Rome, and in Central Park, New York. 

Having studied the writings of the founding fathers, it has become my conviction that the founders considered the American Revolution to be their victory, not merely against England, but against Christianity itself.  In celebration, they erected statues and monuments to the pagan gods that governed their philosophic ideas.  The various gods are said to represent virtue, liberty, justice and so forth; all based on the pagan view of what these things mean.  It is the devil’s light masquerading as truth.  That is what we find in Washington D.C.  It has nothing to do with faith in Jesus Christ, and everything to do with the spirit of antichrist.  Remember, those images are not “non-religious.”  They most certainly represent a religious system: just not Christianity. 

I believe it is critical for Christians in our country to understand that the key founders of the American Revolution reviled the Gospel of Christ, and believed that Biblical Christianity was their enemy.  Only once the Church in America awakens to this reality, can we be of any real help to our nation.  As long as believers continue to exchange the truth of God for the lies of the founding fathers, I believe this country will continue down its steady path of spiritual darkness.

The response to “Hidden Faith” has been interesting, to say the least.  I must admit, there have been many believers who love the truth, and who are stunned to learn what these men really believed about the Bible and the Christian faith.  This information (whether obtained from our film or some other source) has a tendency to stir up zeal in true believers, and compel them to cling that much more to the promises and warnings of God; to remember that in this world, we have no continuing city, but look for one to come.  Yet there are others, who are not so convinced, and believe that Christians need to keep focus on the things of this present world.

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and
now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the
cross of Christ: whose end is destruction, whose God is their
belly, and whose glory is their shame, who mind earthly things. 
For our conversation is in heaven …” (Philippians 3:18-19)


What is provable beyond any doubt is that a majority of those patriot leaders from the Revolutionary era were men who exalted the wisdom of ancient philosophers above the wisdom of God in the Bible.  This becomes plain when reading their letters.  But consider what William Tyndale, the first to translate the New Testament from Greek into English, also known as “the Apostle of England,” wrote some 200 years earlier:

“Paul saith, (2 Tim. iii.) Evil men and deceivers shall prevail in evil,
while they deceive, and are deceived themselves; and have taught them
to put their trust in their own merits; and brought them in belief
that they shall be justified in the sight of God by the goodness of their
own works, and have corrupted the pure word of God, to confirm
their Aristotle withal.  For … the philosophers, and worldly wise
men, were enemies above all enemies of God …” (Tyndale, “The
Parable of the Wicked Mammon”)

Tyndale is describing perfectly the “faith” of the founders of the United States.  These were men who exalted the pagan philosophers, which is why they put the gods of those philosophers in our capital city.  The founders specifically spoke against the idea of the imputed righteousness of Christ, in favor of a self righteousness by good works.  Furthermore, many of them only made reference to the Bible in order to “confirm” their pagan ideas – just as Tyndale says.  This same thing is being done today by many ministers (who ought to know better) and who corrupt the scriptures in order to justify the doctrines of the revolutionaries.  Rejecting the warnings of scripture, they forget that whosoever would be a friend to the world makes himself the enemy of God (James 4:4). 


What has surprised me the most is that certain Christian ministers lightly brush over the fact that the key founders of the United States were abhorrent haters of the Gospel and wanted to see it destroyed; that they mocked Christ, spoke of the apostles as buffoons and trampled the Holy Scriptures under foot.  Where is their zeal for Christ?  Where is their righteous indignation?  And rather than expose the spirit of antichrist for what it is, many ministers choose instead to defend the vain and empty teachings of those that hated the truth.  Their white-sepulcher founding fathers must be defended at all cost, else their deluded fable about “the land of the free” will begin to crumble.

They refuse to recognize that the "freedom" offered by the Revolutionaries is the same as that of the rich man of Luke chapter 16, who "fared sumptuously every day," and then died and went to hell.  What did his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness profit him in the end?  The Patriot Church of America seems to care little for the eternal fate of men, and instead, spends its time fighting on behalf of the grass that is doomed to wither and die away (Isaiah 40:6).  And now, through Glenn Beck and David Barton, American Christian zealots are being seduced into aiding and abetting the building of Antichrist’s kingdom upon the earth.  And what better role models than the antichrist founders as the guides to show them how it should be done?


COMMENT: “I … read information on your website concerning you[r] new film on the Founding Fathers.  My question is how do you define a Founding Father?  As you must know there are close to 250 men who qualify as being a ‘Founding Father.’  Out of those, a good half dozen or so are clearly non-religious.  That is about 5%.  Why do you quote only about 4-5 of the non-religious while ignoring the other 95% who were.”

The above comment from one of our readers has come up a few times.  This particular person is using an argument given by David Barton, that there were supposedly “250” founders and only a few of them were non-religious.  Having studied his work, I personally believe Barton uses terms like “non-religious” to soften the fact that these men hated Christianity.  To say that they were non-religious would be like saying that Hitler was non-Jewish.  In reality, Hitler hated the Jews and wanted them destroyed, and that is how many of the founders felt about the Christian faith.  Our labor is “for the defense of the Gospel” (Philippians 1:17).  We have no interest in who believed in religious practices, or who went to church, or who said something nice about the Christian religion; but rather, what did these men believe concerning the Lord Jesus Christ?

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the
only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast  sent.”
– John 17:3 

The problem with the “250 founders” argument is as follows:

First: the leading, confirmed Christian men from that era, like Dr. Ashbel Green (the Congressional Chaplain under George Washington) did not believe the Revolutionary patriots (military or civil) were Christians, but called them “infidels.”  As we show in “Hidden Faith”, Dr. Green communicates that this was the prevailing view of most of the clergy in Philadelphia.  Other ministers in the wake of the American Revolution openly preached that most of the men who were in charge of the new United States government “have not been men making any public profession of Christianity.” (Rev. Dr. Wilson, as quoted in “Six Historic Americans,” by John E. Remsburg). 

Second: when the controversial Treaty of Tripoli was passed under the presidency of John Adams, containing Article 11 which states that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian Religion,” it was UNANIMOUSLY agreed upon in the U.S. Senate.  Where were all the Christians to leap to their feet and shout down this declaration?  According to the available records, there were none who did so. 

Third: the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution do not contain “Christian principles” as is often stated by conservatives.  Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are nowhere found in the Bible.  The first commandment forbids the worship of other gods (Exodus 20:2-3), while the commandments of Christ limit the freedom of speech (Matt. 12:36-37, Luke 12:10).  The hard truth is that the founding documents were written by intellectual pagans who hated the Gospel and wanted the control of the country taken out of the hands of Bible believing Christians.  This is clearly revealed in the letters and writings of men like Paine, Jefferson and Adams.  Other founders, like Franklin and Washington, while more moderate in their view of Christianity, sought the overthrow of the Gospel by subversion, through promoting the doctrine of religious universalism.

Fourth: How often does anyone in the Church hear about these 250 alleged “Christian” founders?  Who were they?  I know of no one (other than David Barton, who I do not trust) who has ever researched these men and proved that they were Bible believing Christians.  And if there were so many Christians alongside Washington, Jefferson, and the others – then why did they allow the pagan ideas of Jefferson and Adams into the Declaration of Independence?  Why did they allow the statues of demons to be erected in America’s capital city?  How could they allow the “infidels” (as Dr. Green called them) to take control of the government, when (according to Barton) they greatly outnumbered the unbelievers?  We can only wonder if these alleged 250 phantom founders were as blind as those who follow them today.


All of the above said, I do agree with those who see the hand of God in the pages of American history; that the Lord has permitted the government of the United States for His own purposes, which we certainly believe.  When the Scripture says that there is no higher power but of God (Romans 13:1), we believe this includes America.  We are thankful to God that we live in a free country in the same way the apostle Paul would have been thankful for the Roman soldiers who protected him from being killed by the Jews (Acts 23:20-31), which allowed him to keep preaching the truth.  But did the protection of Rome’s government justify the gods of Rome?  Did Paul then spend his life and ministry celebrating Caesar and the Roman government that kept him safe?  Or did he spend his time giving thanks to God, and preaching the Gospel?

“Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” – 1 Corinthians 11:1


Our chief concern in all this is the involvement of the Church in matters of politics; and that Christians are being used as part of a political agenda.  Believers are being turned aside from seeking “first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) and are convinced that, contrary to our Lord’s commands, we had better be concerned about tomorrow.  We had better be fearful of the looming political and economic disasters, for if they come: what shall we eat?  What shall we wear?  Buy gold!  Stockpile food!  It’s the only way you’ll survive in the coming economic collapse! 

Fear of Obama is being used to rally Christians into a cattle-pen of universalism, which now includes right wing Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, unbelieving Jews, and all people of “faith” who stand for “conservative values.”  This Ecumenical Army, with Glenn Beck and David Barton operating as chief commanders, with the help of Fox News is being marched all the way to Washington D.C. to take over America (and eventually the world) for Christ.  If Christians only understood that the “Christ” of this universal theology is the very Antichrist prophesied in Scripture, they would (we hope) have a very different reaction to Beck’s revolution.

May God grant wisdom to all of us who love His Name, and that of His Son Jesus Christ in sincerity and in truth: Amen.



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