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February 2 , 2009

The Kinsey Syndrome

Why are America's children disappearing? Why must parents live in fear that their children will be molested, abducted or worse? How did our country reach this point? Why has the truth about Kinsey been suppressed for so long? And what can American's do to make a difference?





















































































Obama, Islam and Armageddon

While associating President Barack Obama as a “Messiah” figure has been alarming enough, even more so are the declarations of those who support him where Israel is concerned.  Now, an anti-Israeli Palestinian, and associate of Obama, says that the end of Israel is “within reach, in our lifetimes.”  Since before Obama won the presidency, there have been repeated assertions from the Islamic world that “President Obama” would be an Islamic friend in the White House.  This is especially important since Obama has stated that he will “stand with the Muslims” if the political winds shift in an ugly direction.  While Obama meant this quote in reference to Muslim immigrants who might face internment camps like the Japanese during WWII, what could this mean in the face of a prophesied Arab conspiracy (Psalm 83:1-8) against Israel?

To read the full article from World Net Daily, click here.


U.S. Economic Coup?

There has been much talk among researchers about the planned destruction of the U.S. economy; some alleging that the current financial crisis has been created intentionally to destroy the American dollar and ultimately force the world into a New World Order.  The New York Times reported on the ongoing multi-billion dollar stimulus packages that are continually created, but with little effect on the economy.  They said the current administration is “following their mantra of using the urgency of the economic crisis to accomplish larger — and long-delayed — reforms that never garnered sufficient votes in ordinary times.” (NY Times, Jan. 31, 2009) 

The idea of this planned financial collapse is the subject of our new documentary, “Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill” in which we explore the possibility that the occult societies made use of the American eagle as a cleverly disguised phoenix bird.  According to ancient legend, the mythical phoenix destroyed itself by fire every 500 to 1000 years, and would then be resurrected from the dust of its own ashes.  Some believe the use of this symbol on the dollar bill represents the eventual destruction of America (as we know it), which will then bring about the “rebirth” of America as part of a global government.

Consider this speculation from the New York Times political analysis:  “Can the government fashion a fast and efficient economic stimulus while also seizing the moment to remake America?”  The question is, remake America into what? 

To read the full NY Times article, click here.


Megiddo Offends GOD TV

In November of last year, GOD TV contacted our ministry about broadcasting “Megiddo: The March to Armageddon,” and “Megiddo II: The New Age.”  They requested the work as is, without any omissions or additions in editing.  We were only too happy agree under those conditions.  At the time, we knew almost nothing about GOD TV but learned from their website that they had an international audience (United States, Europe, Israel, Scandinavia, Africa, etc.,) and were broadcasting a series of presentations on end time prophecy.

It turns out that the documentaries aired last month (Dec. 2008).  Shortly afterward, a man from the Ukraine called us to ask why we were exposing Rick Joyner and Benny Hinn as false prophets, while GOD TV presents them as “true” prophets.  The man also gave us the impression that others had been calling GOD TV with similar questions.  GOD TV apparently told them that we were “in error” and that Benny Hinn/Rick Joyner were true men of God.  We have since learned that Hinn and Joyner are major players in the GOD TV community, and it seems that whoever chose the Megiddos did not fully review them before they aired!

Below, we’ve posted a recent email from another viewer who contacted us, along with our response:

“Dear Mr. Pinto: I … wanted [you] to know that your documentary "Megiddo: The March to Armageddon" aired on a station called "GOD TV" which I happened to land on while looking for anything worthwhile on TV (not much!).  Your documentary was the only thing I watched so I didn't know anything about the station it was hosted on.  However, when I tried to contact them to ask about your documentary, they sent me to a man named Barry Smith who they said was the author...he was not.  It took me a long time to find you … When I looked further into their programming agenda I saw that they support Benny Hinn and others like him and I was appalled that they had him on the same station as someone of your caliber. When I approached them about this, they were appalled that I didn't support Benny Hinn "such and enlightened man"....whoa! 

“Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that while I feel truly blessed that I did find the correct documentary, I don't think that channel should be airing your material and telling people that Barry Smith is the author, nor did I think you would want to share air space with the Benny Hinn-type ministries.  If you want to correspond with them, they are at

“Take care, God Bless and please keep making documentaries to assist the rest of us in understanding what's going on under our noses so we can pray accurately!” Yours in Christ, Michele -----

AF Response:
Dear Michele,

Thank you so much for your email -- it really means a lot to us to learn that others are blessed by the work the Lord has inspired us to do. 

On GOD TV: we were not familiar with GOD TV when they approached us about showing several of our documentaries last year.  But when they approached us, they did not require that we change our message, but only wanted to license the work for broadcast.  Because of this, we do not object to anyone showing it (as long as they don't change it, or require us to preach a false message!)

Since then, we've had a number of people contact us from different parts of the world, wondering why they showed Megiddo, (which exposes teachers like Benny Hinn and Rick Joyner for being false prophets) -- alongside other shows that present Joyner and Hinn as being "true" prophets.  Some people have been confused, but we glorify God in all.  We think the Lord Jesus has allowed us to sound an alarm around the world about the false teachings of such men, and to compel our sincere brethren to dig deeper into their Bibles and hearken to God's warnings about seducers and those who have "crept in unawares"
(Jude 4) into the church.

We have since learned that GOD TV is sort of a spin-off of TBN-style programming, much of which supports the "signs and wonders" movement that we believe is (for the most part) demonically inspired, according to the Lord's warning in Matthew 24:24.  Yes, we believe that God CAN do real miracles even in our day, but when He does, they will lead men to the truth, not to the lies of Hinn and Joyner (among others).

We have also been told by others that GodTV refutes our warnings about these teachers, because apparently they have received a number of phone calls from believers who have
questioned them about it.  As such, it is no surprise that they would be indignant about Benny Hinn.  But in all honesty, we actually DO want to share air space with Benny Hinn, because as the Lord said, "They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." (Matt. 9:12)  We rejoice that the Lord brought us into the enemy's territory to preach the truth and sound a warning to potential millions that might be deceived.

As the Lord sent Saul of Tarsus, "To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God ..." (Acts 26:18) This we believe is an important part of our calling in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We're not sure why they pointed you to Barry Smith (and we're not even sure who Barry Smith is), but we will see what we can find out, and we thank you for making us aware of it.

May God bless you, sister, as you pursue His will in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your fellow servant in Christ Jesus,



The Kinsey Syndrome: The Message to America

More and more, we are being told that “The Kinsey Syndrome” should be given to all those in positions of power in our country, since the subject matter touches nearly every aspect of our society.  Americans are being quickly destroyed by the cancer of perversion through pornography and sexual addiction, as we follow a deadly spiral down the road to resurrecting Sodom and Gomorrah.

One in four of teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease, while one in five adults has genital herpes; and we continue to suffer the loss of 15 to 18 thousand people who die of AIDS each year in America.  Perhaps most horrifying is that more than 29,000 children each year are kidnapped and raped by non-family members, according to the most “conservative” estimates.  As we explain in “Kinsey Syndrome,” this is an under-estimate.  The real number is unknown and thought to be far worse. 

Recently, the following email was forwarded to us by Dr. Judith Reisman, from someone who had written to her about the film:

“Dear Dr. Reisman: First, I want to commend you for your compassion and perseverance in trying to expose the fraud and perversity of the late Dr. Kinsey who laid the foul foundations for our present sodomite and adulterous society.  I have just finished viewing the DVD "The Kinsey syndrome" and a copy of this should be required viewing for all of our US Supreme Court Justices, Representatives and Senators of Congress and the new President of the United States and his entire Cabinet. Have the producers of this film even considered this?  If not, perhaps you could stir them up to consider doing so.
“I have no idea what your religious beliefs are but I am a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, saved at age 32 and delivered from a serious addiction to pornography.  I can assure you that as a teenager growing up in Delaware between 1953 and 1958, I was significantly influenced by my visits to a neighborhood magazine stand to sneek looks at Playboy and other soft porn books that other teenage boys told me about. I was never involved in pre-marital sex but the fantasies drove me to self-abuse … I am certain that if Jesus Christ by His Holy Spirit had not entered my life and made me aware of the spiritual warfare against Satan who had caused me to sin against God in so many ways, including lust, I might have done something that would landed me in prison. 
“Thank you for working with Chris Pinto to develop such a much-need film.  I even plan to give it to my pastor to urge him to give copies to members of our church which has witnessed in the past 5 years at least 2 couples whose marriages have been shattered because one or both had cheated on their spouse, even as professing Christians. Yours truly, in the love and service of Jesus Christ.”  G.V.F., Hillburn, NY


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