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December 2, 2007

Riddles in Stone

Explores the highly controversial subject of the design of America's capital. Was the city built to reflect the majesty of America's newfound freedom? Or the hidden agenda of secret societies? With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the city built in a Masonic pattern?























































































































The “prophecy in the news” story is undoubtedly an update on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, where President Bush made the bold assertion that his “Roadmap to Peace” plan could be enacted by the time he leaves office in 2008.  As one can imagine, there are more than a few doubts this will happen.  Nevertheless, a Palestinian negotiator is quoted by World Net Daily for having said:

"Bush and the U.S. administration gave us a commitment there will be a Palestinian state before he leaves office, and not just an outline of a state on paper but contiguous territory on the ground.” 

Of course, this would be an insane agreement for Israel.  To understand the dynamic between Israel and her Arab neighbors from a biblical perspective, consider Psalm 83: “Keep not thou silence, O God … For, lo … they that hate thee have lifted up the head …. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” (vs.1-4)  The rest of the Psalm names the Arab nations of the ancient world that today are clearly determined to do exactly what was foretold of them. 

Meanwhile, in Zechariah we read of “the siege both against Judah [the Jews] and against Jerusalem,” (Zech. 12:2) which will have its climax at Armageddon where all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it (Zech. 14:1-2).  The Lord further makes it clear that He “will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem” (Zech. 12:9) and shall “go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle.” (Zech. 14:3)

To some, it might seem nigh unto impossible that “all nations” could come against the Jewish people – especially with such a powerful ally as the United States.  But is the U.S. government really a friend to Israel?  If so, why does it continually suggest that Israel grant ANYTHING to a nation that is committed to the annihilation of all Jews from the face of the earth?  In “Megiddo: The March to Armageddon” we quote from the book, The Secret War Against the Jews, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons (secular journalists) which we believe explains what’s really happening, and fits in with Bible prophecy.

From the back cover of this book, we read: “The authors demonstrate that numerous Western countries, especially the United States and Great Britain, have conducted repeated and willful spying missions on Palestine and later Israel over many decades.  While on the surface these two countries and others profess to be ardent allies of Israel, they work, in fact, through their intelligence services to betray Israel’s secrets to the Arabs.  Their motive: oil and multinational profits, which must be attained at any price …”

In the introduction, the authors assert that: “The major powers of the world have repeatedly planned covert operations to bring about the partial or total destruction of Israel.”  (From the Introduction, p. 1) Remember, this is not a book written by Christian authors who are trying to prove Bible prophecy.  Loftus and Aarons are secular journalists, and their book has no religious ax to grind. 

With all this in mind, consider that while the Palestinian authority expects Bush to get them their own state within a year, they still make no bones about the fact that they will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. 

To read the full story on Bush’s 2008 peace plan, click here.

To read an article about how – even with this 2008 proposal on the table – the Palestinian authority refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, click here.



The story is amazing.  A British schoolteacher living in the Sudan asks her students to name the class teddy bear.  The children choose the name “Muhammed,” which has sparked unbelievable outrage from the Islamic community.  Since then, Muslims have been calling for the execution of this woman for the crime of “blasphemy.”  The following article from WND gives an update on the case.  Now, it seems, this woman is also being targeted for her Christian faith.  As one frenzied Muslim said, "I pray to Allah that I could have the opportunity to go to Sudan with my brothers to slaughter this unbeliever Christian.”  Read the full article here.



At this point, i t seems little surprise that Rick Warren would invite Hillary Clinton to the Saddleback Church for his recent “Global Summit on AIDS and the Church.”  Hillary is obviously playing to the evangelical conservatives, hoping to gain their vote in the upcoming election.  Given Hillary’s history, and the history of American politics, that is no surprise.  What is surprising is that some Christians seem to be buying into it.  Read the full article here.



We have been following this story for some time.  While in California, one of the home-schooling moms would give us updates on the totalitarian advancement of the education system in Germany.  In the past, it has been reported that the German government has punished home schooling parents for failing to send their kids to the public schools.  The argument has been that children are being “denied” their fundamental right to a state education – by the parents.

 A new German law now categorizes home schooling as “child welfare endangerment.”  To read the full article from World Net Daily, click here.



In this article, former Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair speaks publicly about his faith in what he referred to as “the man upstairs.”  Blair makes the point that if a believer shares their faith in the British political system, they are regarded as “a nutter.”  The article presents Blair as a man who carries his Bible with him wherever he goes, and reads it before bed every night.  He seems to be painted as an almost closet-Christian out of fear of persecution.  Furthermore, it is suggested that Mr. Blair’s faith affected his decision making as Prime Minister:

 “… his former communications director … has conceded that Mr Blair's Christian faith played a central role in shaping ‘what he felt was important’.” 

But exactly what Christian faith was it?  The article goes on to say:

“Mr. Blair is a regular churchgoer who was confirmed as an Anglican while at Oxford University, but has since attended Mass with his Roman Catholic wife, Cherie, and is expected to convert within the next few months.”  To read the article, click here.

Also consider that for more than a thousand years, Bible believing Christians have believed Rome to be Mystery Babylon the Great … that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. (Revelation 17:5, 18).



The following WND article reveals the details of the CNN/YouTube Republican candidate debate that took place a few nights ago.  My wife and I watched it, and I heard former New York Mayor, Rudy Guliani admit that he does not take the Bible literally,  specifically saying that he does not believe the prophet Jonah was really swallowed by a whale (great fish).  Jesus referred to the story of Jonah – not as a mythical tale – but rather, as historical fact (see Matt. 12:40).  The Lord uses Jonah’s experience as a picture of His own resurrection.  If Jonah’s story could be viewed as a myth or legend, could not the same be concluded about the Resurrection of Christ?  The implications of Guliani’s comments (whether he meant them this way or not) are much greater than they might seem.

Right now, Guliani is considered one of the leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination.  To read the full article, click here.



The following article shows the current progression of the “new bible” movement, which has seen the development of no less than 34 different English Bibles since 1952 (as cited in Faith vs. the Modern Bible Versions, by David W. Cloud, p. 10).  A disturbing detail of this movement is that each individual translation has its own copyright.  In order to obtain a copyright, a bible version must be significantly different from all other versions.  But how many different ways can something be said in the English language?  Well, as if The Message were not bad enough, now the Study New Testament for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender has been produced by an Australian publisher (Smith & Stirling).  Thankfully, it has been rejected by Christian distributors and bookstores – at least for the time being.  The Gay study bible was written by “classical Greek lexicographer” Ann Nyland – who claims (as Harvard Professor, Peter Gomes did years ago) that the words for homosexual in the Bible are misunderstood and wrongly translated. 

What lies beneath this story is the wicked fruit of the textual criticism movement that began in the 19th century and continues to this day.  In short, the movement endlessly questions the so-called “history” of the Bible, who wrote it, their words, and what they mean.  This was a movement, not launched by sincere students of the scriptures who desired to learn a deeper understanding of God’s word; but rather, by those who did not believe that the scriptures represent (in their original form) the inerrant Word of God.  Some would argue that the movement really began in the Garden of Eden when the serpent said to Eve, “Yea, hath God said …?” (Genesis 3:1)

As Princeton professor Bruce Metzger (probably the leading textual critic of the 20th century) viewed it, the scriptures came “out of a matrix of myth, legend, and history” (Ibid, D. Cloud, p. 349).   It is disturbing to consider that Metzger’s Nestle-Aland Greek Text (co-authored by Roman Catholic Cardinal Carlo Martini) is the standard Greek New Testament used in nearly all the leading seminaries in America today.  Remember, this is not an English translation; this refers to the representation of the words in Greek taught to pastors, teachers, etc., throughout the country.

I have often tried to remind my brethren that the devil was a liar long before the English language was developed.  Just because someone references Greek or Hebrew does not necessarily mean that what they are telling us is the truth.  It is very likely that when a pastor or teacher holds up a modern bible and says: “In the Greek, this word means … etc.,” he is quoting – not from an original Greek codex – but from a 20th century Greek manuscript assembled and rewritten by textual critics like Metzger, Martini and others. Furthermore, the definition of the various Greek words found in the newer concordances
is often determined by such men.

To read the full article on the new “Gay Study Bible,” click here.



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