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April 1, 2007

The Emerging Church

emerging church

A trend is sweeping the world that promises to change the way Christianity will be presented in the twenty-first century. Many pastors and church leaders are weaving together elements from different religious traditions.







































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Tom Cruise: the “Christ” of Scientology

Jesus warned that false Christs and false prophets would arise that would deceive many.  Joining the ranks of false Messiahs is movie star, Tom Cruise.  According to this article from The Sun online, Cruise has been told he is Scientology’s Christ-like figure, and that he has been “chosen” to spread the faith of Scientology throughout the world.

Click here another article that says Tom Cruise will one day “be worshipped like Jesus Christ” according to a leader of Scientology.


Equal rights for apes?

A growing international movement is afoot to grant the right of “personhood” to apes.  While the movement is Darwinian, and seems harmless enough, the implications of equating men with apes (or visa versa) could have a deadly end for mankind.  If man is just another animal why preserve his life above other creatures?  The rationale of equating men with animals was employed by the Nazis, and was the reason for the mass murders of World War II.


Animal Rights Madness

David Kupelian, editor for World Net Daily, uncovers a shocking story of animal rights activists who fight for the rights of a “pet monkey” while abandoning a five year old girl.  This article goes hand in hand with the one above it, and demonstrates the cheapening of human life.  Oddly enough, the Nazis were very adamant about protecting the rights of animals.  The Nazis vigorously opposed animal experiments, but had no problem conducting the most bizarre, cruel and painful experiments on human beings.  This upside down philosophy seems to be growing right alongside the Holocaust denial movement.


Whitewashing Islam

In our post modern world, the lines between good and evil continue to be blurred with “politically correct” phraseology.  The article below reveals instructions given to members of the EU on how to speak about Islamic terrorists – so as not to offend them by calling them “terrorists.”


Hamas leader admits “land” is not the issue

As many Christians have known for some time, the conflict between Islam and Israel is not about the land the Jews possess, but the very existence of Israel itself in accordance with Psalm 83.  In this brief article from Debkafile, a Hamas leader admits that even if Israel gave up 90% of their land, it would not be enough.  This clearly implies that President Bush’s “roadmap to peace” is really a road map for Armageddon – as many prophecy teachers have warned. 


UN Global Religious Defamation Act

The United Nations recently adopted an Islamic driven resolution aimed at protecting the rights of “religion.”  Read the article and consider that this resolution was pushed through by Muslims in retaliation for the anti-Islamic ‘cartoons’ and ‘comments’ that were an insult to Islam last year.  This new resolution specifically condemns any materials that “constitute incitement and religious hatred, hostility, or violence."  But what about the Koran?  Or its companion book, the Hadith?  These are books that call for the mass murder of Jews and of all idolators (i.e. non-Muslims).  The writings and traditions of Islam are entirely aimed at inciting ‘hatred, hostility and violence!’


Imam leads Democrats in prayer for conversion & the destruction of Israel

While shooting footage in Washington DC back in November of last year, our friend who worked for the Capital police told me that inside the US Capital, Muslims were beginning to hold prayer meetings.  With this in mind, consider this article that reveals the ‘veiled’ prayer of an Imam with Democrats.


APRIL 1, 2007
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