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July 14, 2019

NEW Noise of Thunder Radio Show:

Chris discusses the story of Tommy Robinson, the conservative defender of British culture who has been speaking against the Muslim rape gangs in the United Kingdom.  He has been recently arrested and convicted by a British court, for reporting on these gangs, and now he is appealing to President Donald Trump to grant him political asylum in the United States.  Is free speech dead in the United Kingdom?  And could these issues gain ground in America?  Also, a new story from Front-page Mag that strongly suggests Islamic Jihadis have infiltrated the FBI.  Could this be the case?  The evidence is overwhelming and can be traced back to the September 11 attacks, after which the FBI oversaw the evacuation of the Bin Laden family.  Also, we consider the role of then FBI director, Robert Mueller, who was instrumental in purging materials from the FBI records that would associate Islam with acts of terrorism.  Have Islamic radicals infiltrated the FBI?


NEW to the NOTR Resource Room: The JAMES WHITE interviews

James White

Since the release of our film, “Bridge to Babylon” wherein we featured our exclusive interview with Dr. James White, a number of viewers have requested that the full interview be made available online.  While we captured nearly 3 hours of discussion with Dr. White, we were only able to use a small portion for “Bridge,” which is typically the case with most of our interviews.  So far, we have uploaded the first segment of the interview with the additional segments to follow in the coming weeks. 

Resource Room members can log on and look for “The James White Interviews” banner beneath the Audio CD Collection in the Media section. 





Digital Streaming of Adullam Films documentaries and NOTR Audio CDs now available.  Also available is a digital download of our book, “Washington in the Lap of Rome,” as well as more than 1,000 archived radio podcasts from Noise of Thunder

Update on the NOISE OF THUNDER Resource Room.  If you have not yet subscribed, you can easily do so by clicking the banner above.  12 months for just $49.95.  Now included are all of our documentaries plus our new dynamic Audio CDs.  Watch and listen online at your convenience.

With the new changes to the NOTR Resource Room, subscribers will be able to watch all of our documentaries online, including our last three titles we produced:

1) Tares Among the Wheat

2) Dark Clouds Over Elberton 

3) Bridge to Babylon

Previous subscribers have inquired as to when these films would be uploaded, and they are finally here.  In addition, we are uploading all of our Audio CDs to the Resource Room as well.  Once you log on, you can click on the Audio CD Collection banner and listen to the first twelve of our Audio CDs that have already been uploaded. 

The current audio titles available in the Resource Room include:

1) Codex Sinaiticus: The Oldest Bible or a Modern Hoax?

2) The Critical Text Controversy: The Theory Behind Modern Bibles

3) The Jesuits & the Counter Reformation

4) Gideon vs. Leonidas: Gideon’s 300 Compared to the Ancient Spartans

5) Luther on the Antichrist

6) Lincoln & The 14th Amendment

7) The History of the English Bible

8) The Jesuits & Marxism: Weapon of the Counter Reformation

9) Cromwell, Jehu & America

10) Hitler’s Jihad: The Socialist Plan for Islam to Invade the West

11) Frankenstein & The French Revolution: The Foundation of Modern Socialism

12) Resistance to Tyranny: A Biblical & Historic Analysis

We ask for your prayers as we continue the final editing for our upcoming film, “The True Christian History of America.” 

Thank you, and God bless.

Adullam Films





DVD $24.95



Gideon Reformers  


- Gideon vs Leonidas

- What the Reformers Believed About Islam

2 Audio CDs for $29.95



Lamp Tares Bridge



- A Lamp in the Dark

- Tares Among the Wheat

- NEW RELEASE: Bridge to Babylon

3 DVDs for $59.95



secret mysteries series  


- America's Beginnings

- Riddles in Stone

- Eye of the Phoenix

3 DVDs for $49.95


Pinto Collection


This 7-DVD collection includes the best of director Chris Pinto's documentaries:

- A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible
- Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers
- Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings
- Riddles in Stone
- Eye of the Phoenix
- Megiddo 1: The March to Armageddon
- Megiddo 2: The New Age



14 Resources - $159.95

1. Tares Among the Wheat - DVD
2. A Lamp in the Dark - DVD
3. Washington in the Lap of Rome - Book
4. Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers - DVD
5. Secret Mysterieis: the New Atlantis - DVD
6. Riddles in Stone - DVD
7. Eye of the Phoenix - DVD
8. Megiddo: the March to Armageddon - DVD
9. Megiddo II: the New Age - DVD
10. The Kinsey Syndrome - DVD
11. The Society of Jesus - Audio CD
12. The History of the English Bible - Audio CD
13. Jesuits and the Counter Reformation - Audio CD
14. Codex Sinaiticus - 2 disc Audio CD


Ultimate Combo Note: "The History of the English Bible" Audio CD replaces "Freemasonry & Christianity" (shown in the picture above) in the Ultimate Combo Special.  


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All five of the newest released Audio CDs are available for a bundled price of $49.95:

1.  Lincoln & the 14th Amendment

2.  Resistance to Tyranny

3.  Luther on the Antichrist

4.  Rule of the Wicked

5.  Frankenstein & The French Revolution

5 Pack Audio CDs - Special Offer $49.95


12 Pack Audio CDs - Normally $208.50 - Now on Sale $99.95




A special bundle of 12 Audio CDs is now available for $99.95

1.  Frankenstein & The French Revolution
2.  Rule of the Wicked
3.  Lincoln & The 14th Amendment
4.  Resistance to Tyranny
5.  Luther on the Antichrist
6.  Jesuits & The Counter Reformation (2 disc)
7.  Codex Sinaiticus (2 disc)
8.  Critical Text Controversy (2 disc)
9.  Jesuits & Marxism (2 disc)
10.  Society of Jesus
11.  Freemasonry and Christianity
12.  History of the English Bible

12 Pack Audio CDs - Special Offer $99.95




Please continue to pray for our ministry.

God bless,

Adullam Films
A Christian Film Ministry





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