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Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences Book

Written by Dr.Judith A. Reisman, PhD

kinsey syndrome kinsey syndrome
DVD and Book Two Pack - $29.95


“Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences” (hard-bound book) by Dr. Judith Reisman

In 1948, the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University was led by eugenicist Alfred C. Kinsey, whose sex research shook America’s moral foundations and launched the 1960’s Sexual Revolution.  Fifty years later new revelations confirm Dr. Judith Reisman’s 1981 expose of scientific fraud and criminally derived data contained in the publicly funded Kinsey Reports.  Dr. Reisman discloses for the first time the ongoing consequences to the American people and the world based on Kinsey’s deliberately skewed research.

Offered along with her powerful book, is the DVD “The Kinsey Syndrome”
which features extensive interviews with Dr. Judith Reisman, who is a former researcher with the Department of Justice, and currently on staff at Liberty University.  Dr. Reisman is considered the leading expert on the damaging influence of Alfred Kinsey in the U.S. and countries around the world.  “The Kinsey Syndrome” has been called “… one of the most important productions of the 21st century” by Dr. Ted Baehr of MOVIEGUIDE, and has become required viewing for law students at the Liberty University School of Law, whose Associate Dean (Matt Barber) has said the film is “must-viewing for anyone who cares about our rapidly declining culture.”


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