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Freemasonry in the Church

Adullam Films & Noise of Thunder Radio
Presented by Christian J. Pinto
Audio CD (MP3) $14.95

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Audio CD MP3 - $14.95




Freemasonry in the Church 5-pack Audio CDs
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“I’m Lucifer!” exclaims an elderly man, “And I’m pure and virtuous, and holy!”  Incredibly, this same man goes on to say that he is a Christian, and insists that Jesus Christ is his Lord.   How can he be “Lucifer” and a follower of Christ?  “Because I’m out helping people,” he says.  Such is the declaration made by a modern Freemason, and is indicative of perhaps the greatest spiritual cancer afflicting the Church in America today.  There are literally thousands of pastors, elders, deacons and regular members in churches that are involved in Masonry.  But is their worship toward the Lord Jesus Christ?  Or after the spirit of antichrist?

In this dynamic and powerful audio CD, documentary filmmaker Chris Pinto explores the issue of Freemasonry in the Church, and how this secret society is working to change the Gospel and undermine the Christian faith.  These audio selections are taken from the Noise of Thunder Radio program, hosted by Pinto himself, whose extensive research is based on years of investigation and interviews with some of the most influential leaders in Freemasonry today.  This CD is presented as a resource for those who are trying to understand Masonry, and who desire to witness to others.

Adullam Films & Noise of Thunder Radio, Presented by Christian J. Pinto
In Association with Aperio Media, CD design by Jeff Martens, Martens Creative
Published in the Year of our Lord 2011, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED




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