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Psychological Seduction

Produced by the Berean Call
2 DVD Set $19.95

  secret mysteries
DVD $19.95


Psychotherapy, with its underlying psychologies, is one of the biggest and most demonic deceptions in the church today. It has given Americans and even Christians a new way of thinking. It has turned our country and our churches into a therapeutic culture of the self.

PART ONE—Describes the psychological mindset, tracing the history of the “cure of minds” as it replaced the cure of souls. Listen to a discussion on he dramatic shift of faith from God and His Word to man and his methods, and see the extent of psychology’s popularity in both society and the church. The psychological therapeutic mindset is contrasted with God’s truth.

PART TWO—Describes psychoheresy and reveals the extent of its use in both the church and mission agencies. Scientific research conclusions are contrasted with the practice of psychotherapy (psychological counseling).



Psychology and the Church psychology and church

The Seduction of Christianity seduction

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