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Psychology and the Church

Produced by the Berean Call
Running Time: 53 minutes
DVD $19.95

Psychology and the Church
DVD $19.95


For nearly two thousand years prior to the rise of modern psychiatry and psychotherapy,
the church has ministered to believers experiencing mental, emotional and behavioral problems
by using the teachings of the Scriptures and in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Contemporary Christianity’s embrace of psychology, then, raises an important question:
Was there an insufficiency on the part of God’s Word and His Holy Spirit during those two
millennia that made it necessary for the church to turn to modern psychotherapy in order
to more effectively address a Christian’s problems of living?

In the history of contemporary Christendom, no secular enterprise has had such a profound
influence on Christianity as has psychological counseling.  The critical question raised by these
developments is: Have they been helpful or harmful to the body of Christ?

Hosted by T.A. McMahon and featuring Dr. Martin and Deidre Bobgan, Dr. Tana Dineen, and
Dave Hunt – this powerful presentation exposes the roots – and results – of Christianity’s
embrace of the beliefs of Freud, Jung, Rogers, Maslow, and others.

Adullam Films Note:

We think this presentation is well done and much needed among Christians today who
are being seduced by what is called “psycho-heresy.”  This is a difficult issue to comprehend,
but TBC has done a great job explaining it.


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