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The Seduction of Christianity

Produced by the Berean Call
Running Time: 120 minutes
DVD $18.00

The Seduction of Christianity
DVD $18.00


This new release features a video taped discussion between authors Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon
– founders of The Berean Call ministry. Filmed exclusively to address concerns raised in the authors'
best-selling book, the programs include, Faith, Self, Godhood, and Humanism. Each segment contains
an in-depth discussion of New Age concepts such as mind power, mind control, New Thought, selfism,
pantheism, Atheism, pragmatism, psychological techniques and many other topics.

Based on the best selling book, this DVD is an excellent resource for those desiring sound doctrine and
a sober analysis of the Scriptures.

Digitally remastered footage shot exclusively to address concerns raised in the author's best-selling book,

FAITH - Discusses mind power, mind control, works, New Thought, getting answers to prayer, and more
(30 minutes)

SELF - Can the meaning of life be found in the center of man's being? Or is our value and purpose to be
found in Christ alone? (30 minutes)

GODHOOD - Scriptures clarify the meaning of one God, contrasted with such beliefs as pantheism
(30 minutes)

HUMANISM - Atheism, New Age thinking, pragmatism, psychological techniques, and self-esteem
(30 minutes)


"Clever counterfeits that appear to be genuine deceive millions. In Galatians, the apostle Paul
severely reproves these churches for their defection from the faith. Dave Hunt... in prayerful Paulian
fashion, exhorts, identifies, analyzes and warns the church against the wolves amongst our flocks..."
-- R. Allen


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