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November 30, 2006

The Signs and Wonders Movement - Exposed

signs and wonders

Jesus said that the generation of believers alive for His second coming would be subject to the greatest onslaught of deception ever leveled at the body of Christ and that this deception would be predicated upon signs and wonders.

For many professing Christians, this could be the most important video you ever watch. Perhaps the best expose of many modern so-called “prophets & healers” ever made.






















































Rick Warren Follows in Footsteps of Robert Schuller and Jane Fonda

Purpose-Driven Life mega-pastor, Rick Warren, follows in the footsteps of his mentor, Robert Schuller, meeting with the Grand Mufti of Syria (when Schuller met with the Grand Mufti, he held his hand and commented that if he came back in 100 years and found out his descendants were Muslims, he wouldn't mind).  Then, as if following the example of Jane Fonda, who went to Hanoi and declared that American POWs in Vietnam (who were being tortured) were treated humanely --Warren likewise presents the oppressive Syrian government as tolerant and fair toward Christians and Jews. He apparently ignores reports that Muslims who convert to Christianity are buried up to their waist and stoned to death; and that Syria desires the utter destruction of Israel.

Click on the title of this article to read an article posted by World Net Daily and to find the link to the AUDIO recording of Rick Warren making statements that he later denied, saying he had been "misquoted."


Rick Warren Defended by New Age Leader

The disturbing influence of New Age philosophy in Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" has been well documented.  But now, as if adding gasoline to an already burning bonfire, Warren's actions with Syria are being defended by New Age leader, Marianne Williamson.

We can only wonder why World Net Daily founder, Joseph Farah, seems to be one of the few media outlets reporting on Warren's trip to Syria. Major networks, who have reported on Warren's "Peace Plan" in the past, and who normally take a conservative stand against the opression of Islam, have either been silent or given scant coverage to Warren's outlandish remarks. Could Warren's membership in the CFR have anything to do with the rather gentle and favorable treatment he's receiving from networks that would normally carve someone up who went over there and endorsed the Syrian government?


Pope Benedict XVI Follows in the Footsteps of Pope John Paul II

Many evangelical Christians have suggested that pope Benedict XVI  would represent more "traditional" Catholic views, since his history as a cardinal was more conservative than that of John Paul.  Nevertheless, the new pope's version of the gospel follows the ecumenical example of his predecessor -- as this article from The Berean Call reveals.  Hopefully, such information will awaken our brethren to the fact that the Vatican agenda is much bigger than any single pope.


Billy Graham Listed As a Freemason in Masonic Publication

For years, debates have abounded as to whether or not world-famous evangelist, Billy Graham is a member of the Masonic fraternity.  For the record, when confronted with this issue, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (not Graham personally) has officially denied that Graham is a Freemason. Yet as recently as a week ago, AF producer, Chris Pinto was approached by a Mason while filming in front of the Albert Pike statue in Washington D.C. During the discussion, this Mason attempted to defend the idea that Masonry was compatible with Christianity (to which Chris had objected). This Mason (who was also a cop) then asked, "Do you think Billy Graham is a Christian?" as if alluding to the idea that Graham was involved with Masonry. Because of this, Chris asked him directly, "Is Billy Graham a Freemason?" To which he replied, "Go online and look up the list of famous Masons." Other than that, he gave no direct answer.

An eyewitness account was supposedly given by ex-Shriner mason, Jim Shaw who wrote the book "The Deadly Deception."  Shaw left Masonry and became a Christian.  Researchers have reported that Shaw claimed he had seen Billy Graham at an initiation ceremony for the 33rd degree, which he had allegedly written about in his book, but changed later to appease his publisher.  Because Shaw has since passed away, his story is now difficult (if not impossible) to confirm.  Nevertheless, a recent discovery in "The History of Freemasonry, Its Legendary Origins" lists in print what many have believed for years. Should this source be trusted? You be the judge.

Were it not for Graham's repeatedly suspicious representation of the Gospel, leaning towards the many-paths-to -God theology, and the fact that he has recently stated he does not believe every "jot and tittle" of the Bible is inspired of God (Newsweek, August 14, 2006), we probably would not post this information. But if Graham is a Mason, him teaching such things makes all the sense in the world, as these are the beliefs of Freemasonry and all the secret societies.

In the book, "The History of Freemasonry, Its Legendary Origins" by Albert Gallatin Mackey, the following commentary is presented by the publisher on the inside flap:

freemason book"The fraternal order of Free and Accepted Masons,
or Freemasons, is a secret society, yet its influence
and effect on Western society in general and American
society and government in particular, have been great. 

"George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock,
Mark Twain, Henry Ford, Billy Graham, Arnold Palmer,
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Joseph Haydn, Voltaire,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Tony Blair -- all are Freemasons." (Emphasis added)

-- "The History of Freemasonry, Its Legendary Origins" by
Albert Gallatin Mackey (2005 edition), Publishers commentary, inside flap, Gramercy Books, an imprint of Random House Value Publishing, a division of Random House, Inc.

Note: Graham's many associations with Freemasons and New Age teachers is exhaustively documented in the book, "Billy Graham & His Friends: A Hidden Agenda?" by Dr. Cathy Burns.


Rick Warren's PEACE Plan - Video Clip

For those who are unfamiliar with Rick Warren's "PEACE Plan," this video clip should provide a brief insight as to what it's about. As you watch the clip, notice that Warren wants to mingle the work of the church with the business and political leaders of the world.  Also notice what he says about Christians; and how supposedly Christians don't live their lives any different from unbelievers. We're not sure what kind of "Christians" Rick Warren knows, but we thank the Lord Jesus that we've had the opportunity to know believers who live VERY different lives. Perhaps if Warren encountered such Christians, and spent less time with men like Schuller and the Grand Mufti of Syria, he could witness more directly how the Gospel transforms the lives of those who truly believe.
-- Direct YouTube link:


Pastor Joe Schimmel on YouTube

Adullam Fims has decided to take advantage of the explosion of internet interest in video clips and start posting some of our docu-clips on YouTube and possibly Google Video. We have recently posted a clip of Pastor Joe Schimmel speaking on Aleister Crowley and the counter-culture movement of the 1960's on YouTube. We praise God for Pastor Joe, and hope many will be blessed by his testimony.
-- Direct YouTube link:




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