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June 17, 2016

Dark Clouds


We have recently learned that our documentary feature, “Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones” has been awarded a 2016 Telly Award for excellence in film & video production.



From the Telly Awards website:

The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.

DVD $24.95




We are currently editing the final segment for “Bridge to Babylon ” and expect to have it completed soon.  We wish to say thank you to all our supporters out there who have gone out of their way to offer words of encouragement along the way, especially since the release has been delayed.  While the editing has taken more time than anticipated, the reason is that even more information is being included, and the film is getting longer.  Right now, it appears the running time will be well over two hours once complete.   Another reason for the delay is that we are working with voice artists around the world, who are creating the voices for the vast array of historic figures that are quoted in the film.  This is a new approach for the series, and one we hope will add an exciting component to the production quality.

Our current projection is that pre-orders will be shipped in July, once the finished copies of the film are received from the duplicator.

Below are some new screen shots from the film:


Dr. F.J.A. Hort (actor, Cody West) ponders the new theory that would change the Bible in 1881.

Revised NT

The Revision of the Authorized Version of 1881 provoked controversy throughout the Christian world.

Mag Glass

Modern Textual Critics often present their methods as a “scientific” approach to the Bible.
But is it really science?


Dr. Jack Moorman, author of the book, “Missing in Modern Bibles” explains
the many omissions in the Critical Text developed by Westcott and Hort.

Vaticanus 2

Codex Vaticanus (the Vatican’s Greek Bible) is known for its many omissions in the New Testament.


Marcion (actor, Wes Faull) the ancient Gnostic teacher known for “lacerating” or
omitting Scripture verses from the Text of Scripture.


Basilides (actor, Torry Martin) teaches Gnosticism, as Marcion looks on.


Codex Alexandrinus on display at the British Library – named for Alexandria, Egypt.


Dean John W. Burgon opposed Westcott and Hort, arguing that they
introduced Gnostic corruptions into the Text of the New Testament.


Large amounts of Egyptian papyri were recovered in the 20th century. But did they
support the theory of Westcott and Hort? Or confirm the suspicions of Burgon?

Uncle Cam

William Cameron Townsend (actor, Rob Lindsey) the founder of Wycliffe
Bible Translators and the Summer Institute of Linguistics was a leading
influence in Bible translation around the world.



DVD $24.95


PRE-SALE: We are now offering a pre-sale on our upcoming documentary, “Bridge to Babylon the third part of our history of the Bible series and the sequel to "A Lamp in the Dark" and “Tares Among the Wheat.” 

For those who order the pre-sale, please remember that we expect to ship the finished copies in July.  As such, any items that are ordered with “Bridge” will be shipped along with the new DVD.  If you wish to receive certain items beforehand, you must order them separately to cover the cost for separate shipping. 


Please continue to pray for this project, that it will be a blessing to many people and bring forth fruit for the glory of God.

God bless,

Adullam Films
A Christian Film Ministry




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