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May 2014

"THE BATTLE FOR AMERICA”  (Noise of Thunder Radio)

Listen to the latest episode of our Noise of Thunder Radio program as Chris discusses perhaps the most extreme example of the struggle for the soul of America.  A satanic group from New York has commissioned a statue of the devil (in the form of the Baphomet or Goat of Mendes) to be erected on the Statehouse lawn in Oklahoma City.  The attempt is in response to a Ten Commandments monument that was placed there some time earlier.  The Satanists claim that a monument dedicated to their evil worship of the devil would demonstrate religious plurality and freedom for all.  But was it the intention of the founders of our nation to put Satan on an equal footing with God?

Learn the truth about America with the Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginning series.

Secret Mysteries Series Secret Mysteries of American Beginnings - Parts I, II and III

This set includes all 3 parts of this series:
- Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings: The New Atlantis
- Riddles in Stone
- Eye of the Phoenix
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Update on "Bridge to Babylon"

bridgeFilming has begun on “Bridge to Babylon” the third part of our history of the Bible series.  This past week we began our interview phase and have several new interviews coming in the next two weeks.   Based on the information we have gathered so far, we expect part three to be a powerful conclusion to the series, focusing on the history of the ecumenical movement through the 20th century.   We will also show how the Vatican and United Bible Societies have worked together toward the cause of generating “inter-confessional Bibles” that have been specifically engineered for the purpose of uniting Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox believers. 

But beyond joining the professing “Christian” groups, the second phase of ecumenical unity is to join the various world religions into one.   The World Peace Prayer Society at the United Nations has even developed what they call a “neutral, universal prayer [that] can serve as a spiritual bridge, even in a secular setting, among people from all parts of the world.”  Their website goes on to tell us that: “Whenever possible, prayers and meditations for peace are conducted within UN headquarters or at UN conferences in various parts of the world.”

Please pray for our upcoming interviews with Dr. Phil Stringer and Dr. David Brown.  As many of you know, we have interviewed Dr. Brown for the first two parts of the series, but are now very excited to work with Dr. Stringer, the senior pastor of Ravenswood Baptist Church in Chicago.  Both men are on the board of directors with the Center for Study and Preservation of the Majority Text. 

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated! 



The Society of Jesus: Their Moral Maxims & Plots
Audio CD $14.95 - Approximately 70 minutes

The Society of Jesus (a.k.a. the Jesuit Order) is perhaps the most controversial organization of the last 500 years.  Their activities have been warned about by kings, princes, preachers, and even American presidents.  By the year 1931, the Jesuits had been expelled from at least 83 countries, city states and cities for their subversive activities around the world.  Nineteenth century historian, Thomas Carlyle called their founder, Ignatius Loyola “the poison fountain from which these rivers of bitterness that now submerge the world have flowed.”  Despite these things, few Christians in modern times know either their history or their present activities in the world today. 

In this dynamic audio CD, documentary filmmaker Christian J. Pinto interviews Dr. Ronald Cooke, author of the book, The Jesuit Kulturkampf in the United States, as they unfold important information about the Jesuits in modern times.  This CD differs from our other CDs on the Jesuits in that it specifically focuses on their activities in America today through ecumenism and communitarianism.

1 Audio CD - $14.95
5 Audio CDs - Special Pack - $44.95


Freemasonry & Christianity: What Every Believer Should Know
Audio CD $14.95 - Approximately 70 minutes

The question of whether or not Freemasonry is compatible with the Christian faith is one that has confronted churches and believers for many years.  But what are the most important concerns that every believer should be aware of?  Does Masonry merely consist of private membership in a secret club?  Or are there important theological issues at stake – especially for Christians? 

In this dynamic audio CD, documentary filmmaker Christian J. Pinto answers these questions, while featuring interviews with fellow researchers, Carl Teichrib and Ed Decker.  Also featured is an exclusive interview with a Master Mason who explains the truth about the philosophies of the Craft.  This resource is ideal for those looking for solid research that compares Masonic teachings against the Bible.  This audio CD differs from our previous CD on Freemasonry in the Church, in that it goes step by step through Masonic teachings, and presents reasons why Christians who may be interested in Masonry should be concerned about joining a local lodge, or embracing Masonic philosophy.

1 Audio CD - $14.95

5 Audio CDs - Special Pack - $44.95



AUDIO CD 4-PACK - $34.95

societyfreemasonry jesuit





Collect all four of our Audio CDs for a reduced price:

1. The Society of Jesus
2. Freemasonry & Christianity
3.The Jesuits & the Counter Reformation
4. Codex Sinaiticus

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1. Lamp in the Dark (DVD)

2. Jesuits & the Counter Reformation (Audio CD)
3. The Society of Jesus (Audio CD)

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