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March 2, 2013

Noise of Thunder TV - Episode 1

Dr Brown

Chris's guest on the first TV episode is Dr. David Brown, Bible historian and pastor of the First Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. 







































































































NOISE OF THUNDER TV is launched by Adullam Films

For nearly two years, Adullam Films has been producing the Noise of Thunder Radio program that has been reaching Christians around the world through the NOTR podcasts and broadcasts through World View Weekend Radio.  Now, after much prayer and consideration, we have decided to launch an Internet TV version of the show, featuring original interviews with some of the experts who appear in our films, whose testimonies we hope will be a blessing to all.

The Noise of Thunder TV Show is available through the Resource Room on our website at  Those who sign up for the Resource Room will not only have access to the TV show, but to the archives of all our radio shows and hi-res versions of nearly all the Adullam Films documentaries, along with our recently published book, “Washington in the Lap of Rome.”

Click on the Noise of Thunder TV icon below to watch a 5 minute preview of our first TV show.


Are believers in the modern era really aware of all that our Christian forefathers endured so that we might have the Bible in our own language?  In this episode, view images from historic locations across Europe, and see where William Tyndale was imprisoned and burned at the stake. 

You can sign up for the Resource Room to view the entire 30 minute TV episode, as well as our future TV episodes, all archived radio shows, documentaries and books.

NOT Resource Room
Resource Room Annual Membership $49.95





SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER – Lamp & Tares COMBO -- $34.95

Now available are parts one and two of our history of the Bible in a special combo offer – for a savings of nearly $15 on the set.  This is a *limited offer available only this week through Adullam Films.  Part One: “A Lamp in the Dark: the Untold History of the Bible,” features the story of how the Word of God has been preserved from the first century into modern times, showing how the saints in each generation suffered for the sake of the Gospel.  Part Two: “Tares Among the Wheat” continues the history through the 19th century, exposing the origins of the Critical Text and the suspicious events surrounding the “discovery” of the Codex Sinaiticus.  Each volume is 3 hours in length, providing a six-hour epic study of Bible history, as told in a documentary format. 

These films are perfect for church presentations and Bible study groups, as they are formatted in chapters, allowing time for discussion between each segment. 

Lamp Tares
Special Bundle:
A Lamp in the Dark
Tares Among the Wheat

2 DVDs - $34.95

*Special offer expires Saturday, March 9, 2013.


SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER – Bible History Ten Pack -- $90.00

10 DVDs - 5 Lamp in the Dark & 5 Tares Among the Wheat

For a limited time, get 5 copies of “A Lamp in the Dark” and 5 copies of “Tares Among the Wheat” for just $90.00.  This special offer is intended for those who desire to share these documentaries as witnessing tools with friends, family and fellow church members.   This is a *limited offer, available only this week through Adullam Films. 

*Offer expires Saturday, March 9, 2013.


Reformation Five Pack – $79.95

Learn the forgotten history of the Bible, the Church, and the Protestant Reformation.  It is our belief that a modern Christian cannot understand our faith today without knowledge of what the saints have endured in centuries past, and how the enemy of our souls has worked to destroy the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This history of saints, martyrs, popes and prelates is given in great detail through this variety of resources that includes more than 8 hours of audio and visual media, along with the written word in two important books.  This collection includes:

1) A Lamp in the Dark (documentary)
2) Tares Among the Wheat (documentary)
3) The Jesuits & the Counter Reformation (2 disc audio CD)
4) Washington in the Lap of Rome (book)
5) Geese in their Hoods (book)

Lamp Tares Jesuit
washington Geese

Reformation 5 Pack - $79.95



LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER – The Secret Mysteries Combo -- $39.95

The Secret Mysteries series is an award winning documentary series that claimed top honors at New York and Los Angeles film festivals.  Each part of the series won Telly Awards for excellence in film and video production, and they continue to awaken believers to a deeper understanding of the history of America.  Now, for a *limited time, the series is available through Adullam Films for just $39.95.

Why has our country suffered a steady decline since the 20th century?  How did we begin with Christian origins, and yet have been removed so far from them?  The answers to these questions and many others are revealed in the nearly nine hours of documentary film, that feature original interviews with Christian teachers, along with Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and the leaders of occult organizations and secret societies around the world. 


The Secret Mysteries Combo
3 DVDs - $39.95


*Offer expires Saturday, March 9, 2013.


Adullam Films
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