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December 16, 2012

Tares 10 Pack Special
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NEW RELEASE – Audio CD! (2-CD set)















2 Set Audio CD $19.95

"The Society of Jesus is the enemy of man.  The whole human race should unite for its overthrow.”
– Robert J. Breckinridge, Presbyterian minister

In 1540, the Pope commissioned a company of priests to act as a military order within the Catholic Church.  Their purpose was to oppose the impact of the Protestant Reformation and discover ways to destroy its influence.  The priests were named the Society of Jesus – a.k.a. the Jesuits.  Throughout their history, they have been known as the most nefarious and diabolical order ever assembled.  Yet few Christians in modern times are aware of their activities and how they affect the Church today.

In this digital audio CD presentation, documentary filmmaker Christian J. Pinto unfolds his research into the history of the Jesuits and their Counter Reformation for the past 400 years.  This presentation is not taken from the Noise of Thunder Radio program and has never been released to the public.  It is an original studio recording, intended to educate Christians about the ancient enemy of the Gospel, and what may be the greatest threat to their faith and freedom. 

NOTE: These CDs will play on any CD player, in your car, etc.  Also, this presentation is exclusive and cannot be found in the Noise of Thunder Radio archives.

2 Audio CDs, Running Time: 142 minutes
Noise of Thunder Audio, presented by Christian J. Pinto
Produced by Adullam Films, Copyright 2012, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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Since launching Noise of Thunder Radio in May of 2011, we have produced more than 370 shows on a variety of topics concerning the Bible, prophecy and the history of the Church both past and present, representing more than 180 hours of material.  As a result, we have decided to add a new feature to our ministry – the Noise of Thunder Resource Room.   

While our online radio programs will continue to be broadcast for free, the individual shows will remain on the NOTR website for two weeks at a time.  At that point, they will roll over into the archives of our Resource Room that will be available to members only.  But we’ve decided to add an additional feature, which is the full length, hi-resolution version of our Adullam Films documentaries.*  Now you can watch most all of our films on your computer, or with your iPhone, or on any device that gives you access to the Internet.  The only exception will be our new releases, which will be withheld for the first 6-8 months of distribution.  After that, they will be added to the archives.    

The cost to sign up for the Resource Room is $49.95 per year – which amounts to less than $5.00 a month.  If you sign up, you will have access to more than 200 hours of audio and video materials.

Remember, all of our original shows are FREE and will continue to be so.  Our first desire is to serve the Lord Jesus, and to be a blessing to our brethren in Christ.  A person only needs to download the shows within the two-week window, and they can listen to all of them at no cost.  The purpose of the Resource Room is 1) to provide a comprehensive online archive for our materials; and 2) to help generate provision for our ministry, which allows us to continue doing the work we believe God has given us to do (1 Corinthians 9:14). 


Washington in the Lap of Rome: 1888
Author: Justin D. Fulton,
Forward by: Christian J. Pinto


Book: $19.95



In the late 19th century, a Christian man named Justin D. Fulton published a book as a warning to the people of America.  He argued that Jesuit priests, Catholic nuns and other members of the Roman Church had infiltrated the new capital city with a desire to ultimately take control of the United States.  In 1888, Fulton wrote that:

“Romanism is the dominant power in the Capitol of the United States.”

Was his statement a mere anti-Catholic conspiracy theory?  Or was it a legitimate warning?  If his words were true, is there evidence to support it? 

Prior to the American Revolution, Catholics in the thirteen colonies were forbidden to vote or to hold a political office, because of the centuries-old conflict between Rome and Protestant England.  But once the Revolution was over, and universal toleration was declared, the agents of Romanism immediately went to work to claim this country on behalf of the Pope.  Fulton argued that the ancient conflict that had been responsible for the bloody horrors of the Dark Age had indeed come to the shores of the New World.  Incredibly, Fulton actually believed that Rome might be able to resurrect the Inquisition on American soil if the people were not awakened to the eminent danger.  Was there any truth to his warning?

This new reprint of Fulton’s book includes a never-before-seen 70 page forward by Chris Pinto that attempts to answer that question, and documents the history of Rome in America from the early colonies to the present time.  This exclusive new addition documents the following:

1) Martyrs Blood on American Soil.

2) The Puritan’s view of Rome as “the Kingdom of Antichrist.”

3) Samuel Adams on limiting the power of Papists in the colonies.

4) World War II & the Vatican Ratlines

5) The Vietnam War & the McCarthy Era.

6) Symbols of Popery in the U.S. Capitol building

7) The Jesuit origins of Marxism & Communism

8) Rome and the Obama Administration

Editor’s note:

This edition of the book has been re-formatted with updated large-print lettering that makes for a more pleasant reading experience.  Other classic reprints usually just scan the pages from the original, which often produces light and dark print that can be difficult (if not impossible) to read.  The publishers of this exclusive edition have taken the modern reader into consideration, providing an easy-to-read version that still preserves Fulton’s original words, along with the original illustrations he included in the first release of this book. 



a.  REFORMATION FOUR PACK -- 2 DVDs, 2-set Audio CD and Book - $54.95







-“Tares Among the Wheat” DVD
-"A Lamp in the Dark" DVD
-"The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation" - 2 set Audio CD
-"Washington in the Lap of Rome" - Book

Reformation Four Pack - $54.95




b.  TARES TEN PACK -- $100.00 (ten copies of “Tares Among the Wheat” for just $10 each!)


This is a special offer for "Tares Among the Wheat". This 10 DVD pack is great for:

- Witnessing tool

- Gifts to family and friends

- Christmas stockings





Tares Among the Wheat - 10 DVDs for $100




Get three of our newly released items, including:


-One year subscription to the NOTR Resource Room
- 1 DVD “Tares Among the Wheat” *
- 1 Audio CD: “Jesuits & the Counter Reformation” *


*These items are not included inside the Resource Room



AUDIO CD: Codex Sinaiticus: the Oldest Bible?  Or a Modern Hoax?

Since the release of our film, “Tares Among the Wheat” there have been a variety of questions concerning the Codex Sinaiticus manuscript, and the controversy over the Greek paleographer, Constantine Simonides – the man who claimed to be the true creator of what the textual critics have called “the world’s oldest Bible.”  Was Simonides telling the truth?  If so, why was his testimony rejected?  Are there others who believed him?  These questions and many others will be answered in an upcoming digital audio presentation, in which Chris Pinto will attempt to address in greater detail the evidence surrounding the allegedly “ancient” codex that has been used to undermine the traditional Greek text for nearly 150 years. 


From Adullam Films:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the precious children and teachers who were lost in the recent tragedy in Connecticut.  May the Lord grant comfort to those who are suffering, and bring the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ to those who are searching for answers (Isaiah 40:10).


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