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An Adullam Films NEW RELEASE


2-Disc Audio CD – (digital audio, playable on ANY CD player)
Running Time: 142 minutes
Presented by: Christian J. Pinto
Produced by: Adullam Films/Noise of Thunder Radio



The United States and many Western countries are currently afflicted by the plague of Marxism that openly threatens to topple the principles of liberty and enslave the free world.  In 1881, Protestant historian J.A. Wylie warned that the Jesuit Order manipulated Communism against countries that refused to obey their “liege lord,” the Pope.  The openly stated aim of the Order is to destroy Protestantism, in order to reclaim all the territories and power that the Vatican lost as a result of the Great Reformation.  Could Marxism itself be the weapon of Rome’s Counter Reformation?

The relationship between the Jesuits and Communism is startling, even to this day.  Karl Marx was educated at a secularized Jesuit school, while a host of world leaders including Fidel Castro and Bill Clinton were former students of the Order.  Are the Jesuits the missing link to understanding the advancement of Marxist principles in the Western world today?


1) The relationship between Karl Marx & the Jesuit Order in the 19th century.

2) Documentation from history that the Jesuits manipulate Communism as a weapon against countries they are trying to control.

3) Evidence that the expulsion of the Order from many countries across Europe was because of its radical associations with Marxism.

4) The testimony of Otto von Bismarck (the Protestant leader of Germany), who warned the world about Jesuit-Marxism in the newspapers of his day.

5) How the Jesuit Reductions of Paraguay were a model for the “perfect”
Communist society.

6) Elements of the Paraguay indoctrination system present in modern education.

7) Friedrich Engels (co-author of the Communist Manifesto) and his teaching on the Peasant War in Germany.

8) How the ideas of Thomas Muntzer (radical leader of the Peasant War) were woven into Socialist/Communist thought.

9) The Reformers vs. Thomas Muntzer: exalting the glory of God vs. empowering the worldly lusts of mankind.  

10) The relationship of Marxism to the principles of the Great Inquisition, and the concept of confiscating property from heretics. 

11) The teachings of Thomas Aquinas: and his philosophy of justifiable theft.

12) The influence of “Thomism” on the doctrine of wealth redistribution.

13) Origins of Social Justice from a Jesuit priest named Luigi Taparelli.

14) Why the Jesuits removed “God” and the “Church” from the ancient Catholic system of wealth and property confiscation.

15) How Marxism openly violates the Tenth Commandment.

Note: Full audio CD that will play in any player, your car, etc.  






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