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Category: ISRAEL




"For more than twenty centuries, the Jewish people, more than any other segment of humanity,
have been persecuted, uprooted, and annihilated. It is true that many ethnic and religious groups
have suffered grievously at the hands of tyrants, but there is a crucial difference.

More Africans were killed in the era of slavery, but there was no determined intent to eradicate
the entire Negro race. A higher percentage of Armenians perished in the Turkish genocide before
World War I, but the main intent was to deport them, not extinguish their genetic pool. Stalin, Mao,
Pol Pot, and Suharto murdered millions of their own citizens, but the motive for those crimes was
political power, not racial animus.

In each of these cases, the genocide was intended to serve a deeper purpose - the conquest
of territory, the acquisition of wealth, the enlargement of political power...In contract, the genocide
of the Jewish people was not intended to be a means to an end. It was not attempted in order to
achieve a more fundamental purpose. It was the fundamental purpose. This is what makes the Nazi
Holocaust unique in human history."

-- John Loftus and Mark Aarons, The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People





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