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The Foundation of Modern Socialism

(Digital Audio CD) - $17.95

Running Time: Approx. 74 minutes
Presented by: Christian J. Pinto

Audio CD $17.95

Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is a classic horror story that has been told and retold countless times in popular culture.  Yet few are aware of the original symbolism of the tale, and the influence behind it – one that continues to haunt the modern world.  The story of Dr. Frankenstein attempting to create a man that turns out to be a hideous monster is said to have been an allegory of the bloody French Revolution and the principles set forth by the subversive Jacobins, who caused the overthrow of King Louis and Marie Antoinette, and ushered in the Reign of Terror in France.  Their history was contained in a work by a Jesuit priest, whose writings on the “monster” of Jacobinism compelled her to pen this famous allegory.

The principles of the French Revolution would continue into the 19th century, and would develop into the ideologies of Social Justice, Socialism and Communism. 

Chief topics discussed in this powerful new Audio CD:

1) An analysis of historic commentaries on Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and specific details from her novel that parallel events during the French Revolution.

2) The work of 19th century Jesuit priest, Abbe Augustin Barruel who published his “History of Jacobinsim” that is said to have influenced Mary Shelley’s novel. 

3) The history of the Bavarian Illuminati as given by Barruel, and how its activities led to the tragedy of the French Revolution.

4) How the famous “Affair of the Necklace” in France was symbolized by the activities of the Creature in the novel.

5)  A review of the University of Ingolstadt – the institution where Dr. Frankenstein attends university – also the headquarters of the Jesuit Order in Bavaria, and the place where Adam Weishaupt launched his Illuminati movement. 

6) The commentary of Winston Churchill on the Socialist/Marxist movement of the 19th and 20th centuries, and how it can all be traced back to Weishaupt and the French Revolution.

7) How Adolf Hitler was influenced by the French Revolution. 

8)  Passages from “Frankenstein” showing the rage of man against God, and how “hatred of God” is at the heart of Socialism and Communism, as admitted by Marxist leaders who use Atheism as a weapon against Christianity. 

9) The origins of the term “Communism” and how it began with apostate Christianity as a reference to the Communion table.

10) How 19th century Socialism influenced 20th century Communism. 

11) Examples from history past and present of how the principles of “Frankenstein” and the French Revolution continue to impact our world today.



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